Steps to Certification



Get in touch with us as an FSC-accredited certification body. In order to provide you with an initial assessment of the required work, costs, and time involved, we need basic information about your company. To submit the information, please use our non-binding inquiry form. You can download it HERE. After completing the form, either submit it directly through the contact form on our website or email it to


Tailored Proposal

Upon successful submission of the non-binding inquiry form, you will receive a tailored proposal along with detailed information about the requirements for obtaining FSC certification.


Document Signing

Accept the proposal and sign all necessary documents for certification (e.g., FSC license agreement, etc.).


Audit Preparation

Prepare for the initial audit: Establish structures and workflows in your company to meet the requirements of FSC standards, and designate responsibilities within the organization.


Appointment Scheduling

Once you have completed the preparations, an appointment will be scheduled for the initial audit.


Conducting the Initial Audit

A company audit will be conducted by an auditor. During this audit, it will be assessed whether your company meets all certification requirements. If any deviations are identified, they must be addressed before the certificate is issued. After that, confirmation of successful certification will be provided.


Certificate Issuance

You will receive your FSC certificate, database entry, and access to your FSC logo. If the company passes the audit, it will receive the FSC certificate and can pass on its FSC-certified materials to downstream processing and trading stages with the corresponding labeling.

Valid for 5 Years

The certificate remains valid for 5 years, with annual surveillance audits to be conducted by the certification body. After 5 years, the audit cycle starts anew, and all elements of the management system are thoroughly reviewed again. You will also gain access to the FSC trademarks that allow you to identify and promote your products.

An FSC® or PEFC Certificate

An FSC® or PEFC certificate is more than just an indication of the best possible origin of the wood used. The certificate reflects an understanding and willingness on the part of the holder to shape the complex future together and responsibly.


Product chain certificates are obtained by manufacturers and traders of FSC-certified wood and paper products. In order for the FSC label to appear on the end product, all stages of the product chain, starting from the forest operation to the final processing step, must be certified according to FSC standards.

Do I need a certificate?

FSC® -Forest Stewardship Council®

PEFC - Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes